About Us

We are a group of concerned citizens and local business owners who believe that collaboration among publicly-funded entities within the City of Durango is vital and will lead to a more livable and vibrant community.

CitizensVoiceDurango’s mission is to facilitate open and collaborative communication between the City of Durango, the Durango Fire Protection District and Durango’s citizens and business owners to achieve the best possible outcomes that support a vibrant downtown and appropriately sited new state-of-the-art facilities for the DFPD and Durango Police Department. 

While we strongly support protective services (fire and police) , we also believe that the old High School site is not an appropriate site for a fire station, nor in the best interest of DFPD or the economic and social vitality, public health, safety and welfare  of downtown Durango.

Citizens Voice Durango Organizing Committee: Greg Hoch, Robin Wiles, Ted Wright, Ellen Stein, Thomas Egolf, Joe Hanrahan, Sheryl Lock, Jenny Hill, Ken Francis, Holly Jobson, Mary Oswald, Charles Shaw, Lisa Shaw, Gary Schroeder, Sarah Shaw, Kent Ford, John Mahoney, Bill Carver, Peter Schertz, R. Michael Bell, Maggie Bowes, Lisa Marie Glass, Kendra Quan, Dallas Belden, Jim Shadell, Micki Rhodes, Linda Geer, Glenna Sexton, and Karen Pontius – all of the above people are circulating petitions.

Other residents that have been involved in and/or support efforts to bring a public process to the siting of protective services include: Tim Wheeler, Lars Hansen, Michael Wanger, Salye Stein, Fred Grimes, Bobbie Carll, Holly Duckworth, Julie Meadows, Steven Gawlik, Audrey Royem, Jim Sims, Michael Hoffman, Kathleen McCaddon, Tracy Henderson, Ed Horvat, Dyan Craft, Mike Desatnick, Margy and Henry Dudley, Wendy Barney, Kathleen Shadell, Katherine Reynolds, Julie Meadows, Tracie Holcomb, Karen McManus, and George Schmidt.